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Centenio International Hotel Foshan

Centenio International Hotel Foshan built according to the five-star standard design, the first phase of construction area of about 15000 square meters, nine floors, the main function for Asia as a guest room, restaurant, entertainment, fitness, chess and card, etc.Centenio International Hotel Foshan decoration luxurious, with a rich heritage of Chinese culture, reflected the current international popular, fashion, and to perform the special flavor of huaxia culture, architecture.The Centenio International Hotel Foshan issue has try on December 16, 2006. Guest room, decorate a design in order to "Chinese elements" as the leading factor, unique characteristics and traditional Chinese flavor, room to the idea of humanized and personalized demand, design different style characteristic of bedding, suitable for the different needs of the guests choose;Centenio International Hotel Foshan opening time on December 6, 2006, 9 layer in the high building, a total of 62 rooms (sets).